Bonus Mission: Rally October 13, 2024

Bonus Mission: Rally!It’s October 13, 2024—ten years since you signed on to the My2024 Declaration. The movement has tackled so many of the big issues in that declaration–youth homelessness, transgender health coverage—and expanded our scope to include new challenges like climate change and newborn leave for all parents.

But we can’t lose the momentum. We’re all on our way to the biggest rally in years—across cities, across the internet, and across causes.

Your mission is to invite the world to join your rally and tell the world about the most important cause in 2024.

DO IT FAST: Tweet where you are on October 13, 2014, how big the crowd is, and what you’re rallying for. For example:

  • Attending a rally party for at my local library in Oklahoma City to raise funds for the biggest collection of LGBTQ fiction in the nation #My2024
  • Support leave for all parents with newborns–not just straight moms and dads–by sending a picture of your newborn to #newbornleave2024 #My2024
  • Oct 2024 Giants game: a thousand LGBT sign-carrying activists, cheering as the 1st transgender World Series player bats the winning homerun #My2024

DO IT WITH MEDIA: Create an online call-to-action, telling your friends one simple micro-action they can take for the new challenges of the LGBTQ movement in 2024. For example:

DO IT WITH IMAGINATION: Prototype a flyer from your rally. Write a short news report from Oct. 13, 2024 about your rally. Or tap the crowd online. For example:

  • Design a rally tee-shirt for data privacy laws through a site like and invite all the My2024 folks to buy one.

See you at the rally!

Photo CC-licensed from Flickr user bz3rk

Just a few hours to go and more points to win!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 6.51.57 AM

With nearly 3000 ideas for how to build the LGBTQ movement over the next decade, we’re asking you to now bring those ideas to life–to imagine YOUR life in 2024 by celebrating the 10-year anniversary of my 2024 on Twitter, in media, and even on the streets.

What are you doing on October 13, 2024 to celebrate the successes of the movement?

Already, we have a stunning example of how the world has changed in 2024 and how we might be gathering to celebrate our successes, submitted by Jonny Gray aka bungy32:

Now it’s your turn. And just to up the ante on your mission-making, we’re offering rewards:

  • Everyone who posts a mission tweet from the year 2024 will automatically get 2500 bonus foresight points.
  • Everyone who creates a media story about 2024 will get 10,000 bonus foresight points.
  • And anyone who successfully creates a crowd event will receive 20,000 bonus foresight points.

You may have noticed that you’ve been earning foresight points as you share your ideas on the My2024 site. As others are inspired by your ideas, they build on them. And every time someone builds on one of your ideas, you get points. Right now, the ranking leader in foresight points is Jak MT with just over 50,000 points. But if you complete a few missions, you just might take the lead!

There are 4 missions in all, one a day for the next four days. And at the end, your mission could be selected as a winning mission. That’s worth 50,000 more points, plus we’ll feature you on the declaration itself when we celebrate the final declaration on Thursday, October 16.

So take these last few hours of Mission 1 to CELEBRATE the 10-year anniversary of My2024. And then get ready for Mission 2, coming right up.

Team Contributions from Santa Cruz, CA!

While hundreds of people have contributed to the Foresight Engine as individuals, teams of people gathered at local centers to take part as a team.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.33.23 AM

One such face to face gathering was by Team Santa Cruz, a 4 person team from the Diversity Center that contributed 7 visions of the future. They covered a LOT of territory, from health and healthcare futures:


To media and public office:

From faith and religion…

To education, and more…

Thanks to the Diversity Center for hosting this team! Interested in having a pop-up event tonight around My2024? Check out the Group Gathering Guide for ideas on how to get started!

New Alliances

New alliances often emerge out of very personal futures. Take this idea, for instance, contributed by Meng Guo:


It led to two future scenarios. Scenario 1: Non-Discriminatory Geek Squad! Scenario 2: American League of Gay Wedding Photographers! Here’s how they played out:

Scenario 1: Non-Discriminatory Geek Squad


Then, another participant pointed out that technology is still powered by humans, hence the need for a Non-Discriminatory Geek Squad:

Scenario 2: American League of Gay Wedding Photographers

Inspired by the same starter idea by Meng Guo, another participant said:

An hour later…

Five hours later…it looks like this vision for the year 2024 might just have started to become real today!

Build on Ideas to Earn Foresight Points!

Level up in the game by earning Foresight Points (FP)!

Building on each others’ ideas is key!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 3.18.20 PM

Want to know the details?:

  • Another player favorites your card + 10 FP
  • Another player builds on your card + 100 FP
  • SUPER BONUS! Earn 10 favorites on a single card + 1000 FP
  • You’re a part of a “big build” with 5+ different players + 1000 FP
  • A guide marks your card Super Interesting + 2,500 FP
  • You’re a part of a “mega build” with 20+ players + 5000 FP
  • MEGA BONUS! Earn 50 favorites on a single card + 7,500 FP
  • ULTIMATE BONUS! Earn 100 favorites on a single card + 10,000 FP

Here’s an example of an idea a player shared that sparked 6 cards…the start of a great build!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 3.08.56 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 3.20.56 PM

LGBTQ people as Allies

Liz Owen

Guest blog post by Liz Owen of PFLAG

Just a few hours in and there’s a great trend we’ve been noticing: progressive calls to action that naturally intersect with the movement for LGBTQ equality and affirmation!

Whether it’s about foster care and adoption, healthcare, or immigration, we’re seeing lots of calls to action that, while not specifically about people who are LGBTQ, require LGBTQs to be allies to other groups. For example, immigration advocates can be allies to the LGBTQ community, and LGBTQ people can be allies to those who are undocumented. People advocating for healthcare reform will find strong allies within the LGBTQ community!

No one understands the importance of allies to a movement more than people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer…now we need to move our community to becoming allies to other causes. And no better time or place to get things moving than on!

Finding Comfort in Faith as an LGBTQ person


Guest post by Adah-Duval of Family Equality Council

My2024 contributors have began sharing their feelings about faith and sexual orientation in response to my positive imagination card:

Jane McGonigal cheered this thought saying:

She and Liz_PFLAG even provided suggestions on ways to act and move towards assurance in my faith:

Lecture link here!:  

LGBTQ people with religious beliefs seem to experience feelings of rejection from others that practice their faith, and are voicing that on My2024. But I’m also looking forward to learning about more religious allies and how people of differing beliefs  are finding community within their faith. Stay tuned for developing ideas.

-Adah-Duval of Family Equality Council


60 minutes, 250+ LGBTQ futures

Just one hour into My2024, we’ve seen an explosion of ideas! More than 250 #LGBTQ futures across a wide range of topics.  Trend hashtags span from #education to #ecological, from #love to #jobs and more!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.58.11 AM


Just joining us!  After you log in, here’s what to do in 3 easy steps:

1.  Watch a supershort video to get inspired:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.09.16 AM


2.  Explore futures that others have shared by clicking on one of the circles:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.02.48 AM

3. Contribute a short (twitter-length!) idea. It can be personal or about the future of the movement.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.04.57 AM

Share your ideas, shape the future of the movement.