A sneak peek of My2024’s big ideas (interactive!)

Here at My2024 headquarters we’re catching our breath from the amazing 10 day event, taking a step back, and looking for patterns from your futures for the LGBTQ movement across the My2024 platform, on social media, and in dozens of community center events over the 10 days of My2024.

Below is a first look at major themes from My2024 futures. We started with the raw set of words from all contributions and then did some light editing, mostly to combine related words like marry and marriage. And it’s interactive! Each word is a link to search the My2024 site for that topic.

This is a great way explore the hopes, concerns, predictions, and priorities that you imagined for LGBTQ people in 2024. You can start with the most frequent topics like marriage or identity—each one has many different branches of thinking—but also dive into next level themes like bisexual, rural, or climate.

For more highlights from the futures of My2024 check out the final Declaration, a call-to-action for the LGBTQ movement in 2024 we created together. And keep watching My2024 on Twitter and Facebook for more futures, more patterns, and new ways to imagine and make the future.

Bonus Mission Oct 9-10, 2024—Celebrations!


Your Bonus Mission: October 9-10, 2024

It’s October 10, 2024—the anniversary of the game-changing My2024 event. You can trace so much of what’s good and important in your life back to the visions that took shape then.

You’re on your way to a celebration of the anniversary. People across the country are meeting in all kinds of venues to toast a decade of extraordinary progress, building on seeds that YOU planted in 2014. Your mission is to get the word out: to make the celebration as big in public awareness as it is in your heart.

Tell the world about your victory celebration in 2024 and how it builds on one of your favorite ideas from #My2024.

Do it fast: Tweet where you are and what you’re celebrating in 2024

For example:

Helping cut the ribbon at the dedication ceremony for the Transgender Medical Center at Ohio State University #MY2024

Do it with media: Create a video message of you—and maybe your friends—celebrating together in 2024.

For example:

Take three friends out to dinner and tell us how each of you has applied a lesson from the LGBTQ movement to a new social justice issue in 2024.

Do it with imagination: Surprise the world. Skywrite your story. Start a flash mob. Or take your celebration to the street with signs and placards.

For example:

Deliver balloons, chocolate, and a big sign to your favorite television station to congratulate them on the great progress they’ve made in portraying diversity of sexual orientation in ALL their programming in 2024.

Post your 2024 celebrations to social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr—with the #My2024 hashtag.