LGBTQ people as Allies

Liz Owen

Guest blog post by Liz Owen of PFLAG

Just a few hours in and there’s a great trend we’ve been noticing: progressive calls to action that naturally intersect with the movement for LGBTQ equality and affirmation!

Whether it’s about foster care and adoption, healthcare, or immigration, we’re seeing lots of calls to action that, while not specifically about people who are LGBTQ, require LGBTQs to be allies to other groups. For example, immigration advocates can be allies to the LGBTQ community, and LGBTQ people can be allies to those who are undocumented. People advocating for healthcare reform will find strong allies within the LGBTQ community!

No one understands the importance of allies to a movement more than people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer…now we need to move our community to becoming allies to other causes. And no better time or place to get things moving than on!