What’s the future for our youth & seniors?

Guest post by Jim Key of the Los Angeles LGBT Center

Guest post by Jim Key of the Los Angeles LGBT Center

Not surprisingly, many people have been posting about futures in which LGBTQ youth live happier and healthier lives—but My2024 contributors haven’t forgotten about seniors, either.

Several, like Ellen, wrote about taking action to end LGBT youth homelessness. This is a particularly important issue, because a staggering 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ.

Others, like Cassie, want to take action to support families with #LGBTQ-identified children and to make sure they have accepting families and homes, and suggested legislation we can support today to improve the lives of LGBTQ youth.

What many don’t know is that a hugely disproportionate percentage of kids in the foster system are LGBTQ and suffer abuse because of it. That’s why I wrote about my dream of a future in which I could adopt a foster kid who wasn’t harmed or harassed simply for being LGBTQ.

Many people “favorited” Kim’s idea to have children learn LGBTQ history in schools. In fact, California already passed legislation to make that happen.


All too often, seniors feel like they’re invisible, but fortunately posts about them on My2024 are quite visible.

Many people liked Kim’s post about including seniors in our visioning for the future in ways that take into consideration how they communicate.

Buddynkila wrote about the need to take action for affordable healthcare and homecare monitoring for LGBTQ seniors.

LGBT seniors are much more likely than other seniors to live in poverty, which is why I added to that post, expressing the additional need to provide affordable housing for them.

Jonny summarized it all well, saying we need to attend to our elders today so we can make their senior years better and prepare, collectively, for our own (some sooner than others)!

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