A Practical Question: What does the future hold for bathrooms?

Guest post by Jim Key of the Los Angeles LGBT Center

Guest post by Jim Key of the Los Angeles LGBT Center

Many people have shared thoughts about the future of bathrooms. It’s not surprising, because the “specter” of people using a bathroom that doesn’t match their birth gender is frequently used as a scare tactic by opponents of LGBT equality. In fact, Natalie says not being afraid to use a public restroom would be a godsend.

DaniSteely envisions a future with restrooms for people of all possible gender identities. Jonny’s looking forward to a future with gender neutral bathrooms, especially on educational campuses. Heron says that more cities should follow the DC example and make single-stall restrooms gender neutral.

But how would people know where to find those bathrooms? Well, Tessa says she can’t believe there isn’t an app to find a gender neutral bathroom.

What are your thoughts about the future for the LGBT community (not necessarily related to restrooms)?

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