The future in 20 clusters

The My2024 conversation is happening in clusters, visible on the home page. These give us an at-a-glance view of the issues, the hopes, and the pure creativity in the conversation.

At the center of each of these clusters is a new freedom or a new action zone for the LGBTQ community in 2024. These are surrounded by cheers and rallying cries, by predictions and present-day opportunities for action, and by imaginative perspectives.

Some of the conversation clusters are tight rings of support for a central idea, like this one about fighting for public libraries to carry LGBT romance novels:

tight cluster

Other clusters are more like long strings, with each idea building on the previous one. An example is this one about right to data privacy and owning one’s own data:


Still others are a combination of both, with a lot of support in a close-in ring and a string of thought that goes deeper, like this one about about replacing “maternity leave” or “paternity leave” with “newborn leave”:

Combination cluster

So what are the big themes in this at-a-glance view of the conversation on the My2024 home page?

  • Equality and inclusiveness within the movement
  • LGBTQ at any age
  • Parenting equality
  • Health equality
  • Workplace equality
  • Personal data privacy and ownership
  • Public expressions of sexual identity
  • Public support structures for equality

Building clusters is what conversations are all about. Whether you want to cheer someone else on or engage them in a longer, deeper dialog about a topic, take the opportunity today to build clusters that could change the future of the LGBTQ movement!

Kathi Vian