Families are #Winning in 2024

Guest post by Adah-Duval of Family Equality Council

Guest post by Adah-Duval of Family Equality Council

Members of the My2024 community see a future where families thrive in a supporting and loving world, where old ways of thinking no longer exist and families have no predefined meaning.

So of course old policy will be addressed

Though, currently with the limited protections LGBTQ families have under the law —in some instances nonexistent protections — people could do simple things like Cassie C.M. Biron.

Others just look forward to easy introductions of their partner to their families and safety from violent or hurtful responses like Kenny and Tristan


Annalouise8 sees families being stronger for generations to come

No matter how you slice it, we all wish for humanity like Kick

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-Adah- Duval, Family Equality Council

Team My2024