YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! As I am writing this, we have 2135 futures submitted by 439 people!

I really wish I had seen what the 2024th idea was! Whoever was lucky enough to submit that one is sure to have an awesome decade ahead. I think that’s an old proverb, right?

But let’s not stop here! We have 14 more hours and I can’t wait to see how these conversations continue to grow. The most elaborate and vivid visions of the future will emerge when we play off of one another’s ideas.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.58.41 PM

Look at all the cool shapes we’ve already made. See how you can make those evolve. I think of them as little organisms of future-hopes. We can make them grow into whatever we want!

Don’t forget to check if other people are building on your ideas! If you see your “foresight points” score jump up in the top left, check the “builds on my cards” tab to see if someone responded.

I just took a look at the game stats and I loved seeing that the #1 trending word is PEOPLE.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 6.23.33 PM

That’s a great reminder that wherever you might fit into the LGBTQ community, we are all people – and we are all here to collectively imagine the futures that we want.

Keep going! And only THEN, like Alana Cadence suggested, we can take action to sleep, because we did it!