Employment Discrimination

Guest post by Ethan Smith, GLAD

Guest post by Ethan Smith, GLAD

So far during this event, I have been blown away by how many people are contributing to this collective vision for the future, and exploring more topics than I think I ever could have imagined on my own.

A number of threads on the topic of employment discrimination and equality in the workplace by the year 2024 are bringing up interesting points and concerns. Along the vain of positive imagination, some speak on openness about gender identity, transitioning in the workplace and so many more, seen here:

Of the many points brought up in future imagination categories, one valuable mention is the emotional aspect of these acts and changes, and the effects they may have on each individual and their ability to succeed.

Some predictions are even getting into the nitty-gritty of economic equality as it pertains to healthcare, and so many other basic needs of all persons.

The affirmation is that if policies around these issues were to change, the well being of LGBTQ persons across the country would be greatly improved. One person also offered a link to bring attention to the wage gap LGBTQ persons face nationwide. This proved to be a great conversation starter for some who hadn’t been exposed to that information as being an additional issue currently being faced by the LGBTQ community.

The link to that article can be found here

All of these cards end up leading to a similar resolution; it is time for policies regarding employment discrimination to change, and we must continue to move these cases forward. One such case was just brought into being last month. Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) of Boston, MA, filed a lawsuit against Walmart on behalf of a lesbian employee who was denied spousal health coverage. This leads to my favorite declaration and call to action I’ve seen thus far related to employment discrimination:

Added to the list in this card are many future possibilities of the collective voices I’ve mentioned earlier. So it seems that these changes may not be far off, truly an accurate prediction and wish for the year 2024.

-Ethan Smith, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)

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