I wanna hold your hand!

One of the very first hopes for My2024 was about wanting to be able to simply hands in public. The freedom to make this simple gesture is symbolic that our city streets are safe places to express affection.

But look at this awesome little ring of cards that surrounded Sasha’s card to hold its hand!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 7.45.35 PM
One of the most popular suggestions was for a national same-sex hand-holding day for all – both LGBTQ and allies.

We were also reminded that there are plenty of places around the world where it’s totally normally for same-sex people to hold hands!

And, thanks to Kate for sharing this snapshot… Couples definitely shouldn’t have to wait with anticipation through an entire mass to sneak in a hand-hold for one prayer!

Once the stigma is removed, in 2024 we could all feel comfortable holding hands! And like, Rhizomebae’s awesome blog post suggests, just be a little better at loving one another! So, tomorrow – grab a hand – because same-sex hand holding is the future!

And finally, going back to the original card that sparked this conversation, where Sasha hopes to get rid of that voice telling him to be careful. I have some insider knowledge that a certain someone might be who he wants to hold hands with… and he responded beautifully: “Imagine what great things that voice could say when it isn’t always worried.”

What would the voice in the back of your head be free to dream about if it wasn’t wasting energy feeling threatened or scared? You have 12 more hours to tell us and have your voice become part of the My2024 Declaration!