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Guest post by Cesar Hernandez, PFLAG

Guest post by Cesar Hernandez, PFLAG

Many people have shared their thoughts about the future of Healthcare. What will happen to LGBTQ people who currently lack health insurance coverage and suffer from certain chronic conditions? Will healthcare disparities continue to be exacerbated for LGBTQ people of color in the future? What are people saying…

CHARLEY RENEE says that we be free to receive health care without having to explain transgender issues to health care professionals.

Taking action is the way to go and KICK suggest we take action for inclusiveness with health care providers and health care issues, cultural sensitivity with schools, government, and doctors. We will take action to have more safe spaces and visibilty.#socialjustice #KICKdetroit #lgbtdetroit

What can we do now to help insure that healthcare disparities are not an issue in 2024? A great way to start taking action now is through education says LIZ_PFLAG–offering training in cultural competency in all areas, including #healthcare#faith communities, workplace issues, and more!

What are your thoughts about the future of healthcare for the LGBTQ community?

-Cesar Hernandez, PFLAG

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