Only a few hours to go–build those clusters!

Collaboration builds clusters. We build on one another’s ideas. We cheer and rally. We take inspiration to imagine new possibilities and predict what’s to come. It all paints a picture that has gotten more and more rich over the past (almost) 48 hours.

Now we’re in the home stretch. Just a few more hours to go. If there are any ideas we haven’t gotten on the table, now is the time to do it. But perhaps even more important is to take a look at the clusters and go even deeper. Since yesterday morning, they’ve grown. They’re more dense with ideas. This is the cluster about holding hands in public:

hold hands cluster

If you click down through the chains of ideas you’ll find things like a this:

And this:

But zoom back out and take the bigger view. If we look at the themes across these leading clusters of ideas we might find four big zones of aspiration:

  • Safety: Several clusters remind us that it’s still not safe to be ourselves–and that it should be in 2024. We want to tackle those who would bully youth, those would bully online. We want to end violence, whether it’s on the street or in our own homes. We want to be safe everywhere we go in the US and abroad.
  • Public perception: From holding hands in public to including our LGBTQ affiliations and activities on our resumes, we don’t want to hide anymore. We want to be recognized both within and outside of the movement, whether we’re Ls or Gs or Bs or Ts or something else that doesn’t have a letter yet.
  • Practical changes: Having won a moral victory with marriage rights, we want to make that victory practical in all kinds of ways, from making the paperwork of parenting more LGBTQ-friendly to promoting gender-neutral bathrooms.
  • Inspiration and celebration: We want our culture to flow through society to provide inspiration and celebration of who we are for generations to come. We want to include LGBTQ education in our curricula. We want to write stories about who we are and see them on the shelves of our public libraries. We want to acknowledge that, yes, we’re different, and celebrate our unique history culture.

That’s the big-picture view of our national conversation so far. But it’s really the details that matter. So play some more cards. Click down into the clusters, and add your detail to the future that we’re all making together.

Kathi Vian