Announcing the My2024 Inspiring Freedom Award!


The My2024 Inspiring Freedom Award is given to the idea that truly inspires us to make that freedom real for everyone by 2024.

This award was incredibly hard to narrow down. So many of the positive imagination futures were truly inspiring and thinking way outside of the box! When thinking about what we are already working on as a community now, I see some real congruencies in what people have identified they are certain they will be free to do in ten years. For example, the consistently expanding work being done that we all know and love around marriage equality, illustrated here by Sherstin:

Another future that stood out to me was a comment from Sam_Polley on educating youth. There were a number of threads around preserving LGBTQ history so it could be brought to the education system at a younger age (and in some cases, be brought into education at all).

But the winner of this award is Jak MT, for this eloquent imagination card that stated something I did not realize was missing, but would be so influential to all persons, not just specific to LGBTQ identified individuals.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.08.00 AM

When these freedoms finally do become a reality, the year 2024 will be a really incredible place to live and breathe.

Congratulations, Jak MT!


Guest Judge, Ethan Smith, GLAD

Team My2024