Announcing the My2024 Transgender Futures Award!


The My2024 Transgender Futures Award goes to the participants who imagine the most compelling vision of the future for transgender people in the U.S.

There were many conversations throughout the My2024 brainstorming event dedicated to the future of transgender individuals. So many of which, began with firstly asserting that ‘transgender’ not be overlooked when discussing the LGBTQ community and movement. Due to the nature of language, in regards to transgender related terms having yet been adopted into general education, trans persons are misgendered and misunderstood every day. One user, Natalie Frost, asserts that come 2024, this will no longer be the case.

Another issue that very regularly comes up in the transgender community is that of public restrooms. One My2024 guest blog post, written by Jim Key of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, discusses just that topicJonny Gray believes that in 2024, this will no longer be a trial for transgender persons, and that it will someday be easy.

Finally, Charley Renee made what I believe to the most influential prediction, because it holds in it the possibility for so many other changes to be made. That future, is a future without disrespect and misunderstanding from medical professionals.

The education of these medical professionals has an effect on so much more, and the catalyst is that respect and understanding. From this future could come policy changes in hospitals and surgical institutions, policy changes surrounding health care and insurance coverage, and the list goes on. These are the futures we are working toward, and what an inclusive space it will be!

Congratulations, Natalie Frost, Jonny Gray, and Charley Renee!


Guest Judge, Ethan Smith, GLAD

Team My2024