Announcing the My2024 Expand the Movement Award!


The My2024 Expand the Movement Award is given to the boldest ideas for a new opportunity or problem that LGBTQ people should work on, in the next decade.

As we look to 2024 it seems probable that many of today’s challenges will no longer be issues – so part of My2024 is creating a vision for how the movement could expand, to become truly intersectional and fight for economic reform, climate change action, inclusiveness for people with disabilities, ending homelessness, gender and racial equality, prison reform, and much more!

Jonny Gray explained why LGBTQ people are so well positioned to challenge normative understandings and prepared to collaborate with other groups.

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So if the movement expands to be about cultivating compassion for all, what might that look like in 2024? Jianda suggests the White House create a National Department of Compassion.

Congratulations, Jonny Gray and Jianda!


Team My2024