Announcing the My2024 Visionary Futures Award!


The IFTF My2024 Visionary Foresight Award is given to the ideas that best capture the need to think about the long-term future.

We pushed ourselves in the 48-hour event to think beyond just today, beyond the next few years, out a whole decade ahead to the year 2024. Just think, ten years ago we lived in a completely different world: that was the year of the first known civil marriage of a same-sex couple – Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, in San Francisco – and it was immediately challenged by the courts. There was no Facebook, no Youtube, no smartphones or tablets.

In 2024, where might we be? We might find ourselves in a world of radically enhanced empathy, with an expanded capacity to sense experiences that are different from our own. We might better comprehend the extraordinary variety of different ways to be human.

G33kGrrly inspires us to consider how the growing world of real virtual reality, and new game economics that support independent game developers, could create a new class of “compassion games.” These immersive experiences would bring us more deeply into worlds from other people’s perspectives.

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Jonny Gray helps us understand the radical edges of this vision, and the challenges we may face as we grapple with the boundaries of digital and physical.

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Karina Freyjudottir pushes us even farther, envisioning how deep empathy for difference might expand our understanding of all kinds of biological and technological experiments, linking current LGBTQ+ communities to the “younger and stranger siblings” who will be with us in 2024.

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Congratulations, G33kGrrly!

Team My2024