Just a few hours to go and more points to win!

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With nearly 3000 ideas for how to build the LGBTQ movement over the next decade, we’re asking you to now bring those ideas to life–to imagine YOUR life in 2024 by celebrating the 10-year anniversary of my 2024 on Twitter, in media, and even on the streets.

What are you doing on October 13, 2024 to celebrate the successes of the movement?

Already, we have a stunning example of how the world has changed in 2024 and how we might be gathering to celebrate our successes, submitted by Jonny Gray aka bungy32:

Now it’s your turn. And just to up the ante on your mission-making, we’re offering rewards:

  • Everyone who posts a mission tweet from the year 2024 will automatically get 2500 bonus foresight points.
  • Everyone who creates a media story about 2024 will get 10,000 bonus foresight points.
  • And anyone who successfully creates a crowd event will receive 20,000 bonus foresight points.

You may have noticed that you’ve been earning foresight points as you share your ideas on the My2024 site. As others are inspired by your ideas, they build on them. And every time someone builds on one of your ideas, you get points. Right now, the ranking leader in foresight points is Jak MT with just over 50,000 points. But if you complete a few missions, you just might take the lead!

There are 4 missions in all, one a day for the next four days. And at the end, your mission could be selected as a winning mission. That’s worth 50,000 more points, plus we’ll feature you on the declaration itself when we celebrate the final declaration on Thursday, October 16.

So take these last few hours of Mission 1 to CELEBRATE the 10-year anniversary of My2024. And then get ready for Mission 2, coming right up.