Bonus Mission: Rally October 13, 2024

Bonus Mission: Rally!It’s October 13, 2024—ten years since you signed on to the My2024 Declaration. The movement has tackled so many of the big issues in that declaration–youth homelessness, transgender health coverage—and expanded our scope to include new challenges like climate change and newborn leave for all parents.

But we can’t lose the momentum. We’re all on our way to the biggest rally in years—across cities, across the internet, and across causes.

Your mission is to invite the world to join your rally and tell the world about the most important cause in 2024.

DO IT FAST: Tweet where you are on October 13, 2014, how big the crowd is, and what you’re rallying for. For example:

  • Attending a rally party for at my local library in Oklahoma City to raise funds for the biggest collection of LGBTQ fiction in the nation #My2024
  • Support leave for all parents with newborns–not just straight moms and dads–by sending a picture of your newborn to #newbornleave2024 #My2024
  • Oct 2024 Giants game: a thousand LGBT sign-carrying activists, cheering as the 1st transgender World Series player bats the winning homerun #My2024

DO IT WITH MEDIA: Create an online call-to-action, telling your friends one simple micro-action they can take for the new challenges of the LGBTQ movement in 2024. For example:

DO IT WITH IMAGINATION: Prototype a flyer from your rally. Write a short news report from Oct. 13, 2024 about your rally. Or tap the crowd online. For example:

  • Design a rally tee-shirt for data privacy laws through a site like and invite all the My2024 folks to buy one.

See you at the rally!

Photo CC-licensed from Flickr user bz3rk