Bonus Mission: Act! October 14-15, 2014

mission3_realimageIt’s October 14, 2014. Not 2024. Today. We’ve spent the past 7 days immersed in the world of 2024, imagining new victories and freedoms, new causes and struggles for LGBTQ people over the next 10 years. Now is the time to take action to make the future.

Big change in the future requires everyone to act, but not the same way we did before. Millions and billions of ‘micro-actions’—even 5 minutes or less—can add up to big changes.

YOUR MISSION: act today in 2014 to make the future we want in 2024


Take a micro-action on social media to accelerate one of the victories or challenges in the My2024 Declaration.

For example:

  • Tweet your support of an LGBTQ organization or local community center working on an issue you care deeply about.
  • Engage a colleague or friend in conversation about the future you’re most passionate about from My2024. Share something from the conversation on your Facebook page or elsewhere online.
  • Launch an online ‘town hall’ among your friends and networks to catalyze conversation on an issue you care about. Maybe you start the hashtag #newbornleave and ask people to share why they think we should take action for newborn leave for all parents. (Include #My2024 and we’ll amplify your call.)


Create a love message to your favorite LGBTQ organization—or the organization you’ve always wanted to start.

For example:

  • Make a video selfie explaining why you support your local LGBTQ youth group—or senior alliance.
  • Design a logo for your most-wanted organization and post it on Twitter or Facebook with a 100-character mission statement


Create a Kickstarter-style video. Host a street intervention to raise awareness for a new direction for the LGBTQ movement.

For example:

  • Print out 25 copies of your favorite My2024 badge and hand them out at lunch or on the train home or mail them to your favorite LBGTQ celebrity.
  • Start a “hold hands” campaign and invite everyone to hold hands with their sweetie at a designated time.