My2024 takes a stand against bullying #spiritday

In honor of #spiritday, and the millions of people taking a stand against bullying today, we wanted to highlight some of the ideas around bullying that surfaced in My2024.

We saw a lot of conversation and calls to action around bullying, online and off. For instance, this chain, which started with:

It got a lot of support from others who shared these concerns:

Some suggested that schools themselves and programs within schools, like Gay Straight Alliances, could play an important role:

Avotofuture opened another branch to the conversation by asking how technology could play a part:

In response, Ethan_Walker identified social networks as a place where norms are perpetuated and suggested building tools to subvert this process:

And Ethan_Walker wasn’t the only person to make a suggestion about actions we could take to make school, online social networks, and other spaces more welcoming and affirming to LGBTQ youth:

Ultimately, what we need to recognize is that we have the power, and an obligation, to take a stand against bullying NOW. In 2024, the world will be a better place thanks to our actions today.

Join the Twitter town hall celebrating the close of My2024 today (Thursday, October 16th) at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific! Follow @My2024LGBTQ and the hashtag #My2024.

Team My2024