Announcing the My2024 Youth in Action Award!






The Youth in Action Award is given to the young person whose participation in My2024 best exemplifies the future of the LGBTQ movement.

How do we meet the unique needs of LBGTQ youth? And how can we leverage perspectives and capabilities unique to young people?  One of the things that is unique to the My2024 experience is that everyone is given an equal voice, and equal chance to shape the conversation. 27% of My2024 participants were under 21 and their contributions were invaluable. For the Youth in Action award, however, we wanted to highlight one participant in particular—LILLIAN S. Over the course of the event, LILLIAN S consistently generated creative and powerful ideas, as well as thoughtful builds to others’ ideas. Here are just of few of the many outstanding contributions:

Congratulations, LILLIAN S, and all the youth in action out there! Let’s keep making a better 2024 together!

Team My2024